Psychological impotence during sexual activity

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What are you thinking about while having sex?

A lot of men suffer from poor erection due to overload of emotion. Psychological impotence (erectile dysfunction) caused by thought processes is radically different from the usual that the potency is lost immediately or absent entirely. Various excitement, experiences very strong worsen the man into a stronger state in which there is no hope to return power to his penis. The fact of the lack of opportunities to impress a girl even more frustrating a patient and he unable to enjoy any kind of sex even minimally. Appears a fear that man can disappoint his partner.

All factors which affect the progress of the condition is not possible to list in a single article. Even a simple fatigue can contribute to psychogenic erectile dysfunction. With the same force stress loads evolve the disease. Even a simple discomfort of the situation around creates the preconditions for a relaxed penis. Random girl with unknown diseases, the risk of pregnancy, all these factors of the disorder. Man thinks too much and the body can not concentrate on the task. Is it selected an ideal place for copulation? She likes to do it in public but for man it is uncomfortable. Any fears, discomfort and negative thoughts are the cause of this type of impotence.

This may occur one-time, or sometimes for no reason. This is normal and should not pay attention. But if this happens often, here again there is fear. Such case should not be ignored. You can not pretend as everything is normal. After all, a man will think that the situation is even more desperate and no one understands how it is bad. This is the basic function of psychology. And especially for impotence caused by such an important aspect of our life. Sex is the most enjoyable process in the life of any human being and we are all very dependent on it. Because of this sexual act highly dependent on many factors affecting it.

For some, a one-time flash in the pan can go unnoticed, and for others it gives background to psychological trauma. The man begins to think that he was ill and the body failed him. Read online articles about psychosomatic disorders. This happens very often when completely healthy person begins to invent the disease and the body responds to it. A man passes all inspections, consult the doctor, passes tests, but everything is in great condition and no one can say the cause of the disorder. These are all attributes of psychological or psychosomatic erectile dysfunction. Sexual imagination is born in the human brain, in his mind, which directly influences the rest of the selection processes of different body hormones.

There is a pattern that depression or emotional problems caused by quarrels and problems in relationships always have a negative impact on men. Only men lose their libido and desire for sex, if something wrong in the family and there is reasons to worry about. In women, the opposite is true. Depressed or experiencing negative life situations they have significantly increased sexual desire. It must be remembered and treated with understanding a man if something upsets him. It is our nature, and this way we have arranged. Help each other in these situations in order to achieve stronger relationships. It is easy and for free to everyone.

Sometimes psychological impotence occurs when a man accustomed to the usual sex and he wants something different. Or homosexual experience, or start experimenting in bed. There is nothing strange, because anyone bothers if every day passes as previous. He gets bored and wants something new. Just like any other person who wants to change the diet. Simply swipe the experiment, start to eat every day the equally food. How quickly will you get tired of it all? In sexual relations everything happens as well. The same the brain gets pleasure and the same body responds to touches. What happens when a lot of listening to your favorite song? We're not talking about changing the partner, and the change of emotions with which to have sex. Try reading sexy stories and learn from these interesting tricks.

Age is a quite popular cause of psychological impotence. Do not think that your penis is flaccid only because of irregularities in the body. It is possible that this is just the state of your mind. After all, man live every day in anticipation of when will impotence come. But the fact that the age we mistakenly perceive as similar disorder with no proper reason. Man finds his justification of erectile dysfunction in the body changes and starts himself to believe adjusting this way the whole body under his own thoughts. After that Viagra can certainly help, but just simply from the fact pumping blood into penis. But the true reason was not even taken into account by a man. Although it easier to solve than other types of this disorder.

Ways to get rid of the problem

Partner significantly affects the psychological treatment of erectile dysfunction. Let it pretends that she likes your weak penis. Let her play with him and continue to have sex. Start a private perversion where she must love your impotence. This is the best way to show your brain that there is no problem. A couple of weeks or days it will be like a game, but ultimately the brain will get rid of fears, a man would be in a completely comfortable environment and will find confidence. Hence, the potency will reappear. It also helps reduce the frequency of intercourse. You need to give the body a chance to get used to all the new sensations to let sex has become an unusual mystery again.

Complete rejection of bad habits and normalization of the day are important components of the treatment for psychogenic impotence. Be sure to remember that the body is a complex mechanism. It fights every day to make us be able enjoy life. Each cell carries out its functions seamlessly for us. They are all work to help in any situation, and we got used to it. We notice the problem only when starts a hurt. And it's not right. After all the body systems are working around the clock to give you life, they care about you, so take care about them too, creating the best conditions. This is the best way to say thanks for the fact you are exist.